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Test Assurance Services

With more and more IT projects being fully outsourced to suppliers, customers often lack in-house testing skills and relevant experience to support customer side test assurance activities. This can often lead to rising costs, defects and a disjuncture between customers and suppliers.

Kiwi IT Service’s Test Assurance Service is an independent software testing service that provides organisations with an assessment and feedback on the status of testing activities, in line with in scope standards and best practices, allowing you to identify areas where improvements can be made for your future testing.

The process starts with defining terms of reference for the Test Assurance Service team agreeing a detailed scope and objectives. Our team will then mobilise, start the audit, witness and review processes that will provide you with expert advice on your testing activities.

Test Assurance Services should be considered when:

  • Your organisation has outsourced IT projects to one or more third party suppliers or when there are multiple suppliers delivering on a programme
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) cycles have identified defects or issues that should have been trapped by upstream supplier side testing activities
  • The complexity and scale of the project is too great to have UAT as the only client side test activity
  • A supplier delivering your project has a history of delivering a high number of defects into UAT
  • Our Test Assurance Services include:
  • Working with programme teams who work with you to define a detailed scope and your objectives for test assurance
  • Advice on the most appropriate times in the delivery cycle to perform assurance activities
  • Mobilising a team to prepare and agree assurance strategy and plans
  • Auditing testing to date, and reviewing improvements for future testing
  • Witnessing tasks and commenting on observations after tasks are complete

Reporting a summary of what was done, including incomplete activities, a graded list of observations, a summary and interpretation of findings, recommendations, plus details and timings for follow-up activities
With our Test Assurance Services we are checking, monitoring, and mentoring your supplier(s) who are tasked with carrying out testing. It provides our customers with a complete overview of their testing practices and recommendations for future improvements so that you can gain the most from your suppliers and your testing activities.

Kiwi IT Service’s Testing Assurance Teams are highly experienced in performing test assurance tasks and have a broad range of testing skills gained from working in supplier delivery roles as well as customer side assurance roles. Our teams are highly flexible, having the ability to flex in size to meet the demands of any project that requires assurance; and act as your representative in order to help your suppliers align with your business needs.


– Perform a gap analysis on current testing practices;
– Define a vision and implementation road map;
– Set up components of the automation centers and performance testing centers;
– Communicate regularly at all organizational levels;
– Ensure smooth progress of the implementation;