Managed Services

A few years back, Quality Assurance (QA) and testing simply involved detecting and preventing defects in software. With improvised user experience and expectations, this service has been coupled with efficiency and productivity to optimize the cost and minimize product development cycle time.

Output from our services:

  • Business ability to adapt with changing environment.
  • Ability to predict outcome.
  • Reduced cost of quality.
  • Excellent execution.
  • Operation flexibility.
  • Enough time to sort issues before launching.

Benefits of choosing our managed services:

  • Cost reduction: 25-30% less cost as compared to traditional methods.
  • Productivity: 25- 30% productivity improvement by utilizing advanced tools.
  • Pricing option: Test the unit based on a catalog of services pricing options and ¬†choose whatever suits your requirement

Quality improvement: Early detection of defects and enough time to execute test cases.  Covers almost 99% of defects and helps provide assurance of quality product.