Backup and Recovery Services 

No business is operational without keeping a secured backup of all the tasks that has been performed in the past. The backups not only functions as the prime reference for things catered in the past, but also provides solid grounds for taking effective business decisions. Oracle Database Management has no exception for this exercise as your database is the key to success and ensuring its proper backup and recovery, if backups are lost or compromised, helps in taking your business to newer heights.

How We Can Help?

Kiwi IT Services is offering a specialized range of Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery support to help its clients enjoy optimal ease and comfort while managing backup and recovery tasks of their designated businesses and departments. The service is a subscription-based support that offers end-to-end solutions for backing up software, offering assured storage solutions, providing optimal cloud backup storage support and other related services.

In addition to the mentioned set of services, a team of dedicated professionals offering 24X7 support for cloud recovery infrastructure management, offering assurance of implementation services, and constant monitoring services will be assigned to you for keeping a track of every backup and recovery stage completed.

Exceptional Service Range Offered by Us

  • Offers immense support to help you commence Daily Operational Services
  • Immediate responds to assure Disaster Recovery Services
  • Professional support on Work Area Recovery Site
  • Delivers Emergency Hardware Services

Why Choose Us?

Since the prime aim of our dedicated services is helping you to safeguard your business information, details, and data, it becomes our prime responsibility to minimize business disruptions, in case any unfortunate incident happens. We are using latest digital disk backup solutions to ensure that no matter what happens, all your details, information, data sets, and business records remains safe and protected from getting deleted or corrupted. Following are some of the key deliverables that assure optimal safety of data and applications on your Oracle Database:

  • Available 24 X 7 to provide immediate solutions
  • Assure guaranteed solutions for complex data backup and recovery issues
  • Provides reliable, fast and platform independent restoration
  • Generate real time replications and offer detailed reports for extensive studies and researches
  • Can drive many processes to ensure that tasks get completed with short recovery time objective (RTO)

If you wish to reduce your IT costs tremendously, then reach out to us and avail our specialized solutions to enjoy added ease by just outsourcing your tasks to us!